Here's to something new.

When it comes to knitting I am easily distracted. Equal parts fidgety and curious I tend to find myself getting into all kinds of new projects. I already have what many may consider a serious problem with unfinished projects. So, so, many. It's just a thing I do. Start something work hard on it for a few weeks and then I tire of it, set it aside and start something new. 

I have been struggling with this little problem for years. I doubt there will be any end to my ways. I have to quench that creativity somehow. With any project I need to be challenged. I know that what happens is I get to the boring stockinette portion of the project and am just sick of knitting another row. I have to get some stimulation going which unfortunately means a new project. As it goes I was looking for something new. A friend of mine mentioned the Bee Keeper's Quilt pattern. I was intrigued. A blanket is something many knitters choose to avoid if only for the scale of the project. However this blanket pattern is different. Still worked over a length of time it allows you to work as much as you want AND use up leftover yarn. LEFTOVER YARN! Oh do I have plenty of that laying around. 

I like the little bit of challenge involved with knitting countless hexipuffs. It's a great portable project. Portable projects are in high demand for me. I'm always off to some soccer practice, dance class, or some other kid activity. Being able to have a small project on the go is what I need. Although I haven't gotten far along with these puffs I'm looking forward to having a pile of them. Long term. I have to think long term with this project. Years may pass before anything quilt like will be made. I just hope I can keep my interest long enough to continue progress. 

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