First-ish Blanket

My first baby blanket had to be something crazy. Ok. So actually this is my second baby blanket. My first attempt has been abandoned due to the failed expectation I had for the pattern. The Bring it on baby blanket pattern was certainly inspiring just not so easy to stripe. I can't do large projects in one sitting. My time was too busy when I cast on for that project well over a year ago. I had such confidence in my ability to knit a blanket 3 months before my 4th baby was born. If anything it makes me laugh to think I was so determined to make a big project like that so close to the end of my pregnancy. At this point I think that blanket may end of being a scarf, we'll see. All I know is that I am using the yarn reserved for that blanket for this new one.

About this project. It's definitely exciting. When I bought my copy of Daniel Yuhas' Knitting from the Center Out the summer of 2013 I was blown away by the projects. This book is so totally amazing. If you have not read this book I suggest you see if it's at the library. If it's not there then high tail it to the local book store. You NEED to see this book. If I only had to keep 3 knitting books this is one of the books I'd make sure to hang on to.

If you don't have time to run to the library or book store and you  want an idea of what his work looks like take a look at his website:

From day one I wanted to knit his Ripple Baby Blanket. I dreamed of knitting it. Except……it's a blanket. That's so much work! Still I knew that if I made any blanket from his book (there are several :::squeal::!) it HAD to be this pattern. Here I am still fascinated with that book. Instead of the blanket dreaming I decided to jump right in.

Oh my!

The pattern does take some time to read and digest. It's not one to start if you do not have ample time to get the rings started. The first picture shows the portion that needs to be done with a good block of time.  It took me about 40 minutes to complete. It's a bit awkward and does require you to keep focus. I had to  rip it out and start all over again because I had some "helpers" interrupting me every so often. Once you get to the pattern repeats it is easier to set aside and maintain your knitting groove.

I decided to knit until I ran out of yellow. All I kept thinking about was the Wizard of Oz. Until I added the the gray the blanket was very Yellow Brick Road like. I'm amazed at how much fun this pattern is to knit. I was worried that it would be too hard to take along with me to work on when I had some down time. It's perfect until …. it is too large to stuff into my diaper bag.

 Each increase round has to be knit 7 times to fulfill the one body increase. There are 7 sections to work (3 purled 4 knitted) with the 8th being the knit increase which is completed over the first purled section of the previous round. Sounds crazy but knitting in the round is a spiral so to make it expand it all works out. You must use stitch markers to keep everything in order. I do. I have to because it really is easy to lose your place once your blanket gets into the third body increase of the pattern. If anything this pattern is endlessly fascinating.

This is the back side of the blanket. I really love how it keeps its shape for both sides. Even though there are two sides it's not that noticeable and is nearly reversible. I'm going to continue to add different colors to make a nice ring like pattern for the blanket. Although gray is not my first choice for the second color I am being a responsible knitter and using yarn I have in my stash. I can't decide on my next ring color. I have a light green, light blue, white, and orange that are all Cascade Greenland yarn. It needs something cheerful to liven up that gray. I'm thinking green is the way to go. 

This blanket is a test run. I would like to make another using up the little remainders of my Madeline Tosh Vintage skeins. MT Vintage is the author's recommended yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. 

Joining Ginny.


Thank you for the book recommendation! I have already checked, and our library has it. Your blanket looks great, and the technique looks quite interesting.
Elizabeth said…
Oh dear, that book might have jumped into my Amazon basket...

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