Non sequitur

An assortment of thoughts today:

For some reason I only shaved one arm pit and half a leg. Either I was in a rush or so sleep deprived to notice the lack of my attention. It does not matter because of the snow all events have been cancelled for the day. So that means no need to step out today with my half shaved self. 

When Adelynn asks me to "Cut my thumb off" it means she has a hang nail and that I need to trim it off. She's also carrying around a plastic trilobite that's about the size of a thimble. "Crystal" her "bug buddy" has been lost about 2,000 times in the past two days. I think this little bug's hide and seek game is going to make me mental by Friday. 

Jane is Linus. A blankie in hand rule has been implemented. It's cute but also sort of weird since she's known to toss a blanket onto anything and into anything. So far we've managed to keep it out of the toilet but I know my days are numbered on that one.

I decided I have to knit any one of my UFO and try to resist starting new projects. It's like, totally, so super hard to do and stuff. Good thing I have about 5 baby gift projects going on right now. There's some variety but oh that Ravelry has so much fun stuff tempting me.

Parents amaze me. I'm flabbergasted by how much they think children are a burden. Maybe it's all the snow making people nuts….but then again it's not like many kids go outside and play when it's nice out either. 

Kitty goes crazy from being trapped inside due to the cold. If he continues to act like this I may need to get a dog crate for him so he won't decide to destroy anymore of my chairs. I'm also not pleased that he licks all the gravy off of his prescription cat food and demands that we give him more only for him to just eat the gravy. I'd really like to find a cat gravy recipe and let him go at it.

The big girls have been making jokes about going to school. It seems like they got their wishes of a winter break. I say they are a little weary of being home so much and that they do miss friends and maybe even school too.

The trees in my yard remind me of the Hitchcock movie The Birds. Our feeders are usually full all winter and with all the snow this past week our yard has been quite the hangout. They were pretty excited when I went outside to refill the feeders. I was a tad nervous as they perched above waiting for me to get done. I survived this time but will I tomorrow…...


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