Last ski day

We took a chance. With 4 kids that's a big deal especially when you consider the part of the country in which we live. Skiing past mid-February is not typical. With a good snow still left to conquer we tackled it with gusto. To take advantage of the most snow we made a weekend out of the trip. The melting was on! How sad!

Still we managed to get in a decent day of skiing. I have missed it so, I do love a quiet day in a snow filled forest. Keith was the biggest enjoyer of the snow. Truly I don't mind. He has...unreasonable endurance compared to the rest of us girls. I love knowing that he's out there skiing like a madman all over that mountain. One day I'll be able to join him in his adventures but often I wonder if that's really meant for him. A man and a mountain.

Have I told you how wonderful it is to have a husband so willing to haul around two little kids in a sled? It's most certainly a helpful when I know that I myself would not be very skilled at skiing with a heavy sled attached to my waist.

The problem with wanting to take pictures is that at some point everyone will be FAR ahead of you. I am easily distracted with a beautiful snowy day.

After a few hours it was time for a break. By this point the snow was turning into rain boo! We stopped at this hut to grab a snack. The girls offered the birds some seed and we all looked carefully at the jar of moonshine right next to the seed jar. Hmm moonshine....

When we realized the snow was no longer going to be snow we felt it was time to head back to the lodge. There Keith and the girls ordered some lunch. I was not feeling too well. The cafe was far too warm for me and my stomach was turning and twisting. While they ate I stayed outside capturing some sights with my camera. Consulting the weather map confirmed our disappointed assumption of no more snow. I decided based on the rain and my uncooperative stomach that it would be best for me to take the girls back home. Keith wanted to ski until sunset so I agreed to come back for him around 4pm. Oh boy. I was glad to go home. Turns out the stomach virus that the big girls had last week was passed on to me. I thought I was going to be fine but no. Fine I was not. I managed to keep it together enough to drive to get Keith. He had to drive home. I ended up sleeping the rest of the day away and feeling generally miserable. Despite the stomach virus it was a good weekend. I would have liked to have more fun without the tummy troubles. I was just glad that it hit me hard and passed quickly to make the long drive to DC less horrible. It was a sad farewell to the snow but I think that once March sets in that we are willing to welcome Spring. I'll miss the snow. It's soft, quiet beauty, yet I can't help but dream of the soft petals of spring flowers eager to sprout in my garden. Seasons a such a delight to behold.


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