Shrug along

This was one of those patterns I found long ago and added to my list of projects to make. It's called Quick Knit Baby Shrug. Its title says it all. Quick. When I founf the pattern I wanted to make this for Adelynn when she was a baby. The shrug was a perfect quick knit with tremendous potential for wearing. I kept finding other projects to keep me busy and the pattern was pushed further behind on my to do list. When I finished another baby cardigan and had about 55 yards remaining I went in search of a small enough project that could use up the yarn. The yarn is a baby llama blend with a little bit of sparkle. A cute yarn for a little girl garment.

I made a few adjustments to the pattern. I used seed stitch for the collar instead of the K1P1 rib in the pattern.  I suspected that I would be short on yarn but pressed on with the shrug. I felt that by the time I came to the end of the yarn I would have an idea on how to complete the garment. That took a few days to solve. Once I ran out of yarn I set the project aside for a few days. I had to think of what this shrug could be. How would I complete it with a new color. After looking for some patterns I chose to use Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK in white in a Feather and Fan pattern. The pattern is available on the LionBrand yarn website. The pattern must be knit in multiples of 17. This shurg had a final stitch count of 68 stitches which made the Feather and Fan pattern a perfect match.


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