Ballet Recital

This little girl had her first ballet performance today. She has been waiting for weeks to wear this costume. I completely understand. It is beautiful. She felt like a real ballerina wearing it as she twirled in our living room. I chased her around the garden trying to capture her in this beautiful tutu.
She had no more cheerful smiles for me. She was more interested in enjoying her moment and telling the neighbors all about her recital.

Despite the tumultuous process to get to this performance it was a great day. A locked school auditorium and an administration unwilling to honor the money the studio paid for the venue which made it necessary to cancel and reschedule the performance. Oh the heartbreak of the studio staff. It all worked out in the end but my word was it a crazy process. The world of dance does have its drama. Lady A did get a little stage fright which she was able to overcome and finish her dance with a smile. We were so very proud of her. The ballet trophy and bouquet were in her arms all day long. She worked hard to become a ballerina just like in the book Angelina Ballerina. She loves ballet so much I'm sure her dreams will be full of beautiful dancing.


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