Cherry picking

It's  the end of the day and I'm just now getting around to pitting our second cherry harvest. I had picked a bucket full a few days ago with the assumption that the birds would beat me to the rest. Even when I was picking a few days ago I had to fend off several species of birds. I was harassed by mockingbirds and stalked by blue jays. Then the crows began to start to linger too closely. By that point I had a good bucket filled and was a sweaty sticky mess that I felt it was time to give up and allow the birds to take over. I hoped that there would be more fruit to pick later but I knew with the crowd of birds watching me the whole time I would not have been surprised to see every last cherry disappear. The good news is that our little tree had plenty more to give.

Earlier the day started out with some birds and a cherry tree bursting with ripe fruit. Seeing the mockingbirds and blue jays feasting on our tree the Mister set out on a mission.

The Mister was adamant that we pick more cherries. He was also not going to let those birds get any more fruit. As the sun began to rise he fetched the ladder and started picking.

Jane has been an early riser since the start so she was more than happy to be a part of the picking. She found a basket just her size. She wasn't certain about what we were doing. All she knew was there were baskets and we were filling them up with stuff. She watched as Mama and Daddy picked cherries. Then she realized she too could help out. What's more fun than picking fruit in your pajamas?

I can't get over how funny it is to watch a toddler so happy to pick fruit. She was eager to help but not quite sure why we needed to keep the fruit inside the basket. You're supposed to fill up the basket and dump it out. Correct?

Several cherries may have been lost in the grass. Jane was so fascinated with gravity. Each cherry seemed to roll right out of her hands.

The branches we still a bit too high for her to reach. She eventually figured out that the ladder was the best place to go. I think we have a great picker in training.

Finally our tree has grown to the size of a decent reliable harvest. We were able to pick and freeze 6 quarts of cherries plus I have 2 more quarts ready for pie making tomorrow. Oh yes it is fine indeed to have my very own sour cherry tree. 


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