Silk infinity scarf

I knitted an infinity scarf. I have had this beautiful yarn in my stash for so long. Too long. I bought the Art Yarns Beaded Silk yarn because the color was so beautiful. It just looked like the type of yarn that would motivate me to make something for myself. This kept being my "one day" yarn. You knitters know what I am talking about. Every knitter buys that skein of yarn for later. It only took me about 5 years for later to be now.  I pondered over the yarn for years. I would pull it out of my stash and consider it several times a year. Mostly I agonized over the project to make. In my imagination the yarn was meant to be knit into a spectacular lace scarf. 

Then the thoughts:  Should it be a fancy scarf? Or maybe not too fancy? What is too fancy? Will it be wearable if it's fancy? Would I wear it? Make someone a gift?

In the end I realized that with only a skein I was very limited in my choices. Rather than get myself half way through a pattern to realize I would not have enough yarn to finish I decided to just go simple. This is yarn that does not need a super fancy lace pattern to make something beautiful. The exquisite nature of this yarn begs it to be used simply. Using 15 mm straight needles I cast on 20 stitches and knit a simple garter stitch scarf. I knit until the yarn was nearly gone. I used the long tail to sew up the ends to make an infinity cowl.

You can see with the silk how it drapes beautifully. My daughter is 5'5" and this is the perfect cowl for her frame. She was impressed with how the goofy looking cowl on the table when put on turned out to be just right in length.

This scarf will be a great all season addition to any wardrobe. Mostly I hope as part of mine but I suspect it may go missing. That's ok, it does look great on her.


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