Time is Fleeting

Time is fleeting. I know you have heard that expression. I surmise it was said by a person older than you and it just slid off of you without it sinking in. Maybe it even bothered you, almost offensively. Being in the thick of it where the days are seemingly endless and the patience constantly low statements like that from strangers can be frustrating. They are reminiscing and you are surviving.

I'll let you in on a secret. Time truly is fleeting.

It is cliché until you experience it. Then it becomes real. A moment when you can truly feel that deep sense of missing. Missing them. That age when joy was constant and laughter pure is so very short. I'm facing that ledge now. It's haunting because I love my littles. Those small footsteps, the big belly laughs, pure excitement with every greeting, and eyes made big with wonder. Little children remind you of simple joyfulness. Tiny wonders of your every day life are transformed into something tremendous. The focused stare of a toddler as she investigates a handful of rocks. She examines every little angle of those rocks. The curvatures, smooth spaces, their density. It all becomes an amazing process of learning. Plus I can't get enough of the little kid run. A toddler with her belly pushed out wobbling with gusto because she can finally GO fast. The bouncy free pace of a 4 year old with her hair trailing behind. And the endless laughter. Laughter while running. Joy in being able to use their bodies to do things. Laugher with books, conversations, seeing nature, anything it seems can bring on that beautiful melody of childhood laughter.

My ledge is here. I have two teens and two littles. I've seen the path ahead with my older girls. It's not a dreary path please don't think that it is a place of woe. What lay ahead is also great. I am simply seeing how fast time passes when children are in your home. I am making an effort to take it slow. Try to embrace the chaos despite my needs to get things done. I am cataloging all this joy because time is fleeting and I only get one chance to embrace the beauty of my children's youth.


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