Troy, Ohio

We took a trip north to check out Troy. Ok. Truthfully we went there because Grandma told me there was a good yarn store that maybe, maybe, I'd like to visit. Off we went. Yes the yarn store was amazing. It was so fantastic that I truly wish I could box it up and take it home to DC with me. The Lion & Lamb Yarn Boutique is just the type of place to go knit yourself silly. When we walked in the front sitting area was full of cheerful women knitting and enjoying wine! Wine AND knitting!? Oh my! I looked around being memorized by all the yarn. I enjoyed talking with the owner. What a wonderful lady. I know that I'll be back and when I do come I'll be sure to make time to visit this store again. 

I had no plans to shop after that yarn binge I was plenty pleased. We decided to walk around to take a look see the littles would say. I'm so glad to have my camera on hand. I love capturing old signs. It's the love for nostalgia in me. The vintage art draws me in every time.


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