The girl has turned 15. Can you believe it? Sometimes I can't even believe that this first child of ours is growing so fast. 15. Here we are with a child that will be driving next summer! Oh my! We will celebrate her birthday all weekend as is our tradition with our children. I managed to make her a small and tall layered cake. We topped it with strawberries and 15 candles. It looked like a fire hazard! Instead of a big party, which is hard to do when your birthday is at the end of summer vacation, we had a small gathering.

I took a picture of her room because I like to see how rooms change over time as the children grow. She tidied it up (miracle) since her friend was coming over. Leah wanted to go paint pottery so that's what we did. We had lunch out, though it wasn't that good, at a local vegetarian place. The cafe always gets good reports but I found the salad dressing on my salad to be poorly made. Oh well.

The girls chose figurines to paint. I found a nice vase. We spent 2 hours painting. They chatted the whole time and I just drifted off into my own thoughts. When we were done we window shopped until it was time to drop off her friend. I think it was a nice way to celebrate turning 15. Sometimes we think a big party is the celebrate when really what we want is to spend time with a good friend.


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