Another visit to the beach

It seems that this is the year of going to the beach. This time we had to travel to the Virginia Beach area for a soccer tournament. Olivia changed clubs and this was her first experience playing with the new team. We were looking forward to a fresh start and some opportunities to meet the new girls. While those hopes faded as I realized the disinterest the current girls had in meeting and in general talking to their new teammate we tried to remain positive. One other new girl introduced herself to Olivia and that greatly improved her attitude. (She still deeply misses her old teammates and is reluctant to let go of having to move forward. I don't blame her they are a fantastic group of gals.

So in between the soccer games and the intense heat of the August summer we took time to get in that ocean. Plenty of time playing in the sand making huge castles. We collected shells and other odd things to add to the castles. We spent time enjoying the summer nights along the boardwalk even getting one of those enormous bike-cars to cruise around. It was a nice last weekend of summer. School starts early this year before Labor Day and that means we have to get back to the routine of our lives. Homework, deadlines, soccer training, pre-school, ballet, theater.........It all comes back. We can't complain too much because we really did have a great summer. I know I'll be glad to be home and settle in. Traveling is fun but is it ever exhausting!


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