Green Tama finished: Just in time!

I am such a procrastinator. Every knitting project I get to the last 5% to complete and I set it aside. Such a silly behavior that is really pointless. So while I charged right through the body of this sweater and finishing up the sleeves I abandoned it in my knitting basket. All that I needed to do was sew on buttons! Oh the foolishness. I finally got around to putting buttons on this green Tama sweater because I needed to get it ready for gifting. Maybe I just need deadlines? 

Finding buttons for a boy sweater is tricky. I have so many buttons. Vintage buttons from an old button factory that went out of business fill jars and jars on my craft sideboard. Few are what I would consider useful. They are mostly plastic in wild colors and of varied shapes. I looked through hundreds of buttons and decided to use the stainless steel buttons that must have been on a coat way back when. I like the way the metal compliments the green yarn.

The sweater is meant to be a good layering piece. It can be worn over long sleeve t-shirts or even a nice button down. The button opening along the neck allows for a roomy fit which will make putting it on a toddler less dramatic. Also can't you just imagine a nice collared shirt under this sweater? Perfect for a handsome chap.

While I like to knit baby garments to fit babies I have learned that my procrastination has often produced a project that no longer fits the intended recipient. Now I knit my gifts in the 18-24 months size. This sweater could fit a sizable 18 month boy but is more likely to be for the 24 month old. I love making this sweater. I added extra length to let the garment be used a little longer, possibly up to 36 months. Here Jane is modeling it at 20 months. It's a little bit big for her so that tells me my gauge and eyeballing made for a good estimate for the sizing. I can't wait to give it to my friend. And I'll be eager to see her son wear it. What a fun treat that will be to see her son over a year from now wearing this sweater. It'll be a fun reminder of my meandering path to completion in time for his birth. That's what I love most about knitting. Being able to go back in my memory and remember the process of creation.

The first post about this sweater can be found here Tama sweater in lime green.


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