Button jar blue shrug

  • This project did not turn out as planned. I cast on for the Quick Knit Baby Shrug in extended sizes to see if I could make something about 2t sized. And since I wasn't really paying much mind or taking any notes I made a larger size than I needed. Not sure what I was thinking? I know that every time I use Madeline Tosh yarn my projects will be a bit bigger. I adore this Button Jar Blue color. It is a great color to offset all the pink little girls often end up wearing. Since this is not the size I expected it would be for the baby girl meant to have it I set it aside and started a whole new project for that girl. I did finish this project and now it's the perfect shrug for the 5 year old. She loves it or at least loves it enough to put it on and model it for me. That works for me. I do hope she gets some wear out of it. I have such high hopes for my girls to wear the hand knits but....well they seem to run warm naturally and haven't needed an extra layer. I think I just need to stick to hats. Ok. I know that won't happen because I am a sucker for cute knitted clothes!


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