Breakfast with Daddy

Making waffles with Daddy has been a tradition for so many years, years well before these two were in the family. This tradition began with the Mister's Father (Grandpa) and I think it goes even further back starting with great-Grandpa.

As with traditions they are adoring ever minute of the special in the kitchen time with their father. Every Saturday we rotate between pancakes and waffles. The littles are so eager to take part and have been helping since they were both infants.

Each girl has a job to do in the process. There will be messes and sometimes tears (Whose turn to use the special spoon? Who gets to pour the sugar?) but in the end everyone is happy to eat those delicious waffles.

I wonder if these two will remember being small enough to fit on the counter as they helped mix up breakfast. Will they recall the laughter each recipe took to make? Are those memories of Daddy being silly going to stick in their minds one day to resurface when it's time to carry on this tradition with their own families? I can only hope. 


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