Christmas Eve

The magic of Christmas Eve is memorable. I still recall how exciting a night it was for me. The wonder it made me think. The believing it had me full of anticipation. It was lovely to see this in my own children. 

Adelynn has the Santa key ready for hanging. The tradition in our family is to hang Santa's key on the doorknob so that he can get in to deliver the presents without a problem.

It turns out that little Jane was not interested in leaving Santa any cookies or milk. She was very willing to consume it all. There was a bit of a struggle to keep the milk out of her hands. In the end a glass of milk was spilled along with some tears. Daddy got it straightened out. It was tricky explaining this to the 2 year old but we came to some sort of an agreement. Adelynn prepared a new plate of cookies while Daddy refreshed the milk glass. Excitement filled the house as we herded the children to bed. The big girls my not admit it but I think they too were looking forward to Santa's visit.


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