Leprechauns in the morning

This morning on our way to pre-school Adelynn's conversation topic was about leprechauns. Meanwhile the rest of the world is looking to Christmas preparation and my daughter is focused on the mythical being that is the focus of drunken celebrations in March. Conversations with a 5 year old, my five year old, consist mostly of being interrogated. Our short drive to school is often an endless string of questions about what ever is on her mind.

Today's questions:

Why do leprechauns like shiny things?
Did they take any of your jewelry?
Where do they live?
Where is your missing jewelry?
Will you need to dig a big hole to find them?
Why do they live in the ground?
Do they always collect treasures?
What do they do with all the treasure?
Why do they wreck up classrooms?
Are they mad that schools do not have gold in them?
What time do they eat lunch?
Do they need shovels to find their holes?
How much magic do they have?

She asked several more questions. I wrote many down while waiting at traffic lights and then scribbled more down from memory in the school parking lot. When I picked he up later that afternoon she was on to a new topic. Sometimes I feel that parenting is mostly telling lots and lots of stories about unusual things.


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