Slate Tama sweater progress

Back last summer I began working on another Tama sweater pattern for a boy that was due to be born in November. I became a little back logged with my other baby projects leaving this one in the work on it later pile. Silly me I thought I had tons of time. Now that later is here and the baby has been born a while I decided I needed to get back to work on this sweater. I'm using the Ella Rae lace worsted merino in Slate. This color is more of a Navy color but depending on the light is can be more blue or more gray. I'm currently looking for some suitable buttons. I am lacking in the boyish button designs. I'm going to venture out to a few shops to see if I can find something good. I want a golden button to go with the subtle Notre Dame color theme. Since the father is my husband's cousin and a graduate of ND I thought this little baby boy need a good Navy sweater. They live in Arizona so I'm not going to knit sleeves that way this can be used as an option for colder days.


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