College gauntlet

So here I am facing the quest to college with my high school daughter. College. When your child takes the PSAT it hits you right in the face. The real deep conversations have begun. Planning. Thinking. Dreaming. It's here in our lives for the next two and half years. Two and a half! Can it be?! That is all I have left of this beautiful child in my home? My heart aches to think of her stepping out that door for good. My sweet darling girl is just about grown up and I can't fathom how fast time whizzed by for us.

We've been getting letter after letter from colleges and universities all over the nation. Some I know of and others I had no knowledge of existing. Opening all those letters is rather overwhelming. The choices are endless. This is a tough time for us. For her it's a combination of excitement and fear. I remember that myself. Oh the big dreams I had for my future. There is still a long way yet to go which is why we have to start a plan to keep pace with the next chapter of her life.

She has been thinking about what she'd like to do for a career. She is looking at her favored subjects as a jumping point for her brain storm. She has always been drawn to education so possibly teaching is an option. Recently she became wholeheartedly committed to her ASL class. American Sign Language is her current passion. I'm proud to say that she is quite gifted....and that's not an option from a Mama it's the exact phrase said to me by her teacher during the parent open house. Yes I am proud of her but mostly I am thrilled Leah has found something to set her heart on fire. Pinpointing a career is not an easy one but I think that with education and ASL we can figure out a good path for her to take. She's interested in being an interpreter or maybe a teacher to non-verbal and or hearing impaired children.

Let the challenge begin!


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