Making muffins

I thought I was going to get a big batch of banana muffins made quickly. Until the littlest girl noticed my baking I would have been able to get this task completed. I enjoy cooking with the children but some days I just need to get a ton of things done. today was not the day where I was going to be working solo.

My little helper loves to bake. Her favorite part is to put her hand on top of the mixer. I never knew why she was so insistent on doing this until I noticed that was what I did! Oh how they learn. I set her down on the edge of the counter and let her mix the batter.

Her seriousness about keeping that hand on the mixer cracked me up.

When you have a cute assistant like this how can you resist the help? We filled up the muffin tins and set them to bake. She was very helpful in tasting the finished muffins. Toddler approved! Looks like muffins for every meal today.  


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