Peg People Painting

I have take on a new craft distraction. Peg dolls. It is certainly tons of fun painting little wooden dolls. It has made me think of simple toys for children. I could paint thousands of these. While I  have enjoyed making the peg dolls I began this project as a means of offering a reward for my religion class students. In years past I would offer food treats but learned that now a days that is not preferred. With the food allergy problems and general over sugared foods it just didn't make sense to keep offering food treats.

That's when I decided to ::gulp:: offer a hand painted saint to each student who completed my Lenten Good Deeds Challenge. For each day of Lent the children are to color the daily square on the challenge calendar with a color corresponding to what they did. They color purple for going to church, blue for praying, green if they shared something, red if they gave up something they liked, orange if they were extra kind to someone, pink if they read the Bible, and yellow if they helped someone. With a class of 25 that is quite a tall order for me. Then factor in the big idea of letting them choose from a variety. Oh my! So I set to work. The first one I painted was the Blessed Mother. I decided to go with a simple look for her, maybe inspired by the Nativity. I think she turned out adorable. This one is not going to be added to the mix of options because I love it so. She's my little inspiration to make more for the children. I need to get started on choosing some great Saints.

Even though I began this project with the intention of sticking to painting Saints......I couldn't help walking off the path to some other creative characters. Of course being a HUGE Star Wars fanatic household I needed to come up with some Star Wars options. Adelynn has been waiting for days to get her hands on C3PO and Princess Leia. I've kept them out of reach for days in fear that I wouldn't see them again before getting a good picture of them together.

Then there's the other fan side of our house. The Marvel Comics rein here and with the Captain America is a big deal. I decided to make one for Olivia since she is definitely a team Cap kind of gal. I need to varnish this Captain before it's ready to get lost in a teenager's room.

Jane loves the whole process. Mostly painting. I kept giving her pegs to paint while I sat at the dining room table. She's quite proud of her dolls. I certainly enjoyed the company at night. I love how happy crafting makes her. So so so much love. 


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