Purple baby shrug

I began working on this two tone of purple shrug as a gift to our orthodontist. The birth of the first girl is a big deal in a house full of boys. We are quite fond of our orthodontist for many reasons. He's fantastic at his profession and has such a patient oriented focus that he is beyond perfect for our family of major mouth problems. Another reason is that he happens to be the brother of our dear soccer friends. In an odd sort of way that makes our orthodontist sort of like family. When your daughter plays on an elite team for 5 years many of the teammates become a big part of your life especially if your daughters happen to be kindred spirits. That's the back story about this project.

I was gifted the purple Fonty yarns from my friend who found them in Paris, France. One skein each which puts a limit on the type of project you can do with the yarn. I assumed considering the skein limit I would find a baby knit for the yarns. The colors are just delightful.

 I have knit this pattern, Quick Knit Baby Shrug, three times now. This is the first time I chose to use more than one color. I really do like the variation this project takes on with two colors. I had to amend the pattern to accommodate the addition of color to the sleeves. The pattern instructs to complete the sleeves then proceed to connect the back and finish through the end. I put the live stitches on waste yarn and proceeded until the end of my skein of yarn. I finished the shrug and then attached the light purple to the live stitches and knit in garter 6 rows. I sewed in the ends finished up the underarm area and wove in all the ends. Because I forgot to slip stitches a few time on the lapel I needed to remedy that inconsistency. I decided that a single crochet edging would be an easy fix to finish up the shrug. I think next time I'd just continue the single crochet around the entire edge. 

The gift was presented to the good Doctor at our appointments today. Typically a very reserved gentleman the good Doctor came to the waiting area to give me a big hug. He was so pleased with the gift. Any knitter will tell you that an enormous grin of gratitude is what we enjoy most. A gift of a handmade knit never goes out of style. 


Unknown said…
This is super cuuuute ! :)

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