Art for a school gala

Being a co-room mom has been fun. By sharing the job it makes for an easier division of tasks. I have taken on more of the creative side of things. I enjoy making things and crafting has been such a fun general hobby of mine.

The school's Gala is coming up in April and we need to create a class made art project. The intent is for this piece of to be sold in a silent auction to raise money for our independent school. I suppose many classes in the upper school have a few parents willing to buy anything the children create. As far as the preschool end of the school I think many families are not as interested in looking for that type of purchase. Pondering on a project the children can help create AND is sellable is almost overwhelming. Funding is a big part of keeping our school going so making some artwork to sell is a great help to the foundation.

No pressure!

I had great ideas for some cute art but really it was something only the parents in my class would want. Our school needs funds so our project needs to be good for anyone. I see how I'm digging myself into a deep hole here.  I think that by living in an area that has a well known city can be a great way to pull in some buyers. I chose to use our proximity to Washington D.C. as the draw. After thinking about some ideas I came up with a city skyline theme. So far it's coming along great. I have plenty of prep work to do before the children can contribute. I'm so thrilled to get this project underway. If all goes to the plan in my head this will be quite a great contribution to our school's art auction. I can barely wait to see how it turns out.


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