Red eyes and Redwoods

We left for San Francisco early this morning. Too early. This is the first weekend away from the children we have had in far too long. This trip is part of a conference for the Mister and I got to tag along. Yippee! We arrived 10am which gave us most of the day to explore. There is so much want to to but we both agreed that we should spend the day seeking the biggest trees we could find.

Our friend from California told about these banana slugs and you know when you hear about things like that you sort of think it's made up........until you step on one or three. Those slugs are HUGE!

Seeing Redwoods has been top on my list of THINGS to DO. I was thrilled to see these magnificat trees. Pictures can not do justice to the magnitude of the trees. They are so enormous. It's breathtaking. Being at the base of an older tree just make you feel small.

All the way up those branches go!

After seeing the trees we are on to find some coastline. 


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