Creek to play

Some things are must dos in childhood. One of them is playing in a shallow creek. The fascination that naturally occurs when we are drawn to the water provides us with endless opportunity of discovery. Seeing various things in the water real and imagined. Was that a fish or a tiny mermaid? Any clamshells? Little twigs become ships on the sea. Leaves swirl about like rafts on the mighty Mississippi. Plus add in the splashing feet and you have a full day of fun. Rock to rock they hopped pretending the raging river below would sweep them away. I too had those great big imaginative visions when I played. Those are the pieces of childhood I can still recall that bring back such joy. A warm summer's day at the creek with my cousins and friends. Such fun. Even more fun when we were not supposed to be there!

I took this picture to remind me of the pieces of our life. You know those moments that are so endearing to you? I see that joy filled 2 year old being carried up that big trail by her Daddy. The 5 year old is still recounting her tall tale about the creek. The teens giggling about their own big adventures jumping between the boulders over the deep pools. Days like this where our fun wasn't planned only had are the very best. 


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