Fishing with daughters

Every year on the last day of summer which for us is the day before school starts we take the children to the local park for a BBQ and some fishing. The older girls get right down to business casting their lines like pros. The little girls needed help getting started.

The girls waited patiently for Daddy to get their poles ready. They were so eager to get started fishing. With a whole pond full of fish they were expecting to catch the biggest one ever.

Even through the countless "are you done yet" questions Daddy worked as quickly as possible.

This little gal was so ready to get to fishing. She couldn't wait to try out her own pole. This was her first year doing it all by her self! What a big accomplishment. Although we had some issues with all the greenery causing her line to get jumbled up she thoroughly enjoyed fishing. The gals didn't catch the biggest fish but they did manage to get a few. We put them in a bucket for inspection and released them before heading over to the table for dinner. After a quick meal we headed home with countless big fish stories on the mind. 


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