Pregnancy Loss

18 days ago I heard the words "there is no heartbeat". Four words with unbearable weight. What remained was a chance of misdiagnosis and thousands of prayers. All possibility of hope fell away July 31. Suddenly I became a statistic with the loss of our Baby number five Csilla-Quentin. 1 in 4. It was my turn to be that one. Oh the heartache to be that One. Our journey through grief is going to take time. One I walk with many women. So many of us. The burden of such tragic loss is almost indescribable. It's the silence that truly makes walking this path so dreadful. We are many but the isolating silence makes us feel alone in our suffering. Take a moment and offer a prayer for the one in four because she needs it more than you will ever know. I pray for the families experiencing infant loss, for the families who are still grieving, and I pray for an end to the silence.


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