Along the shore

A walk in the sand where the shore calls us to play. I let her wear the dress today. The beautiful pale blue dress that I need to iron after every washing. The dress that she asks to wear almost every day. The vintage dress with missing buttons. Her dress. Her most favorite dress to wear. 

To the beach. 

Sand and water. 

And it was ok. 

She had the most blissfully wonderful time. Me too. I laughed as I watched her thoroughly enjoy herself. Janie wanted to go to the sand. To play in that sand, squish it, roll in it, experience it. We walked along the boardwalk and I considered the options. Yes or No. Why should I say no? Was I afraid of dirt? When I got to the bottom of it I realized that my reasons were foolish compared to the benefit of Janie having a beautiful moment at the beach. The Rhode Island coastline is stunning in late summer. Tourists are gone the beach is nearly empty. It's here to be experienced. We kicked off our shoes, I rolled up my jeans, and we set off to play. 


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