Her Blue Dress

The timelessness of some dresses can take you back to memories long ago forgotten. There are two missing buttons on this vintage blue dress. One was lost right after her first wearing shortly after I found it at the thrift store the other early this summer. What a find that dress was way back last winter! It's Janie's favorite dress. She loved it from first sight as did I. The front smocking is adorned with delicate little daisies. The white collar and tie back waist add to its loveliness. It was a bit too large for her at the time but I let her wear it because I know. I understand how something beautiful to wear can change your day. Once some other little girl wore this dress on warm summer days playing in the sunshine.  I imagine she too loved this dress because it made her feel beautiful and feminine. 

Time gets away from me and those buttons, those two little missing buttons, they just never seem to get sewn back on before Janie wears the dress again. Sometimes I pause and say, "not today, darling." And we set aside the dress because I keep thinking I'll find the time in my day to mend the dress, that I shouldn't let her wear it again with two missing buttons. Today I told myself forget it. Today we will wear that favorite blue dress and have a very good day.  


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