Toddler fashion

I never know what my girl will want to wear. I take that back...I do know. A dress. It's always a dress. We are in the dress phase with Janie. Some days I can't spare the time to drag out the decision process. Regardless of my plans she's certainly not going to be swayed into an outfit that does not fulfill her expectations......

Which is why I'm often late to things. I hate being late. At least we look good though. 

This blue polka dot dress is a favorite. She loves to wear it as often as possible. Today she decided that the dress was a must with her pink slap band bracelet, fairy wand, Rapunzel necklace, Ariel sunglasses, pink and yellow Crocs, and Saint Mother Teresa peg doll. 

If only it was that easy for me to put an outfit together. 


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