Princess Phase

Most days this is what she wants to wear. The pink ballerina dress is her constant companion. Its flexibility makes it a great costume. Ballerina, fairy, princess, any combination it all works well. Through the typical days at home, to an errand around town at the supermarket, or when we walk her sister to school, just every where we go. Some days a tiara is required or wings. What stays the same is her need to feel beautiful to take on the day. And I wonder if that's not such a terrible thing. To feel good about yourself builds confidence. Wearing a favorite outfit can do wonders for your daily outlook. It certainly does for me. When this sweet gal feels beautiful like the princess in her mind she is fond of that day she personifies those attributes she admires. I can see that this is key to building up our daughters. Just like the three before her my littlest girl is learning to grow the beauty within. #daughter #raisinggirls #raisingdaughters #daughters #momofallgirls #motherhood #beingagirl 


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