Pumpkin picking afternoon

We went west-ish to a nearby family run pumpkin patch. This was a day for fun. A well known local farm that has just enough things to do for everyone and not too much to make it an overwhelming place to be. We really love it out there at the Hartland Farm. Such a gorgeous view. I can see why this family has kept the land for 2 centuries.

I can't tell you how fun it is to watch kids on this jumping pillow. Our girls love it so much. Now that little Janie is more sure about herself she has been a huge fan of the jumping.

The corn cob bin is a favorite for all the kids.

We took a hayride around the farm. This year is wasn't as long or interesting....hmmm...but still enjoyable. We looked at the fields and counted some pumpkins.

After our hayride we got lost in the corn maze. We managed to find 2 golden eggs! Yay for prizes! The big girls were not able to find any eggs but considering it was getting late in the afternoon I suspect what we found were the very last of the eggs hidden in the corn husks. With our shoes full of hay and corn it was time to head home for pumpkin carving. I just can't believe how fast October has gone this year. It truly is one of the best months of the year. Virginia is a lovely place to live. Fall you are quite a gem. 


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