Cambrian Cowl part 1

I'm starting yet another project. I seriously have a problem. I just couldn't help or listen to rational myself. When I went to the local yarn store for yarn I actually needed to finish a gift I noticed at the check out a new knitting book. It was pretty amazing. I flipped through it trying to determine if I should even buy it because lately every knitting book I seem to like ends up only being a let down. When I mean let down I mean that for me to realistically knit more than 4 projects. Usually there are 2 or 3 good ones which can be a valid reason to buy the book especially if there is a really amazing project to make but at this point in my knitting life I have to be more selective because I am running out of space for all my knitty things. 

So the book that started all this listening to the crazy knitter voice in my head saying "cast on for another project" is a really good book. It's called Coastal Knits: A Collaboration Between Friends on Opposite Shores. I was thrilled to see several projects in this book that I would and, ahem, am going to knit. So I highly suggest you get this book for any knitter only because it is beautifully made and has a great variety of projects by very talented knitters. Plus the pictures include actual scale pictures of the yarn the projects were made with so you can truly see the suggested yarn. That is a nice feature.

Here's the website link: 

Ok so I'm sure you went on and checked out that link. Sorry if I passed on the crazy knitter voice in your head too. Maybe I should have put up a warning. 

Back to my project. I cast on for the Cambrian Cowl. Three reasons: I need small to make, it's unlike any other cowl I have and looks really classy because I need a more refined (not ratty from overuse) scarf garment to wear this winter, and I had some Cascade Superwash yarn in the correct weight and my preference of color laying around needing to be used. It was meant to be. I'm about halfway through the first portion of the project. I'm going to have to set this aside soon though since I do need to get a few baby gifts finished by January. In my dream world this cowl will be done in time for me to wear it this winter. We'll see. 


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