Fall mantel 2016

Changing the mantel decor has been THE thing I do. Not sure why. I grew up in a home that did not have a fireplace whereas many of our extended family did have one and used them frequently. I've always been fascinated with the bits and pieces of things set around people's homes. It's kind of a snapshot into their personality and routines. Some of the items on the mantel shelves in the homes of family, friends, and neighbors were varied. I noticed some homes were using the shelf practically others set special items for display and then others were using it as another place to keep things out of reach of little children. 

So here I am with a mantel to use. Over the years I have become more consistent in the rotation of decorations. I never thought much about this little act until one day when Janie was still very small. During that time with a 1 year old I was so busy that my putting any effort to prettying up the house was definitely not a priority. I desperately wanted to do it I desired the change the freshness a simple few pieces can add to your home but I was just so darn tired and short on free time. Then one day, likely one night Janie actually slept more than 2 hours straight, I changed the mantel decorations. 

The big girls came home and were so excited. Excited! Overly enthused is how I interpreted their reaction. They were gushing about how it felt so different and the changing of the season was very much present in our home. The girls explained to me how they dearly love seeing the changing mantel over the year. For them it's another way I have communicated the comfort of home. And with that I have created a new tradition in our home without even being aware. Ever since that day I decided to really try to change the household decor. I often miss times and that's okay but now I am more aware of how those little changes have provided a source of comfort for my sweet children. 


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