First Dentist visit

Despite the small bit of concern about those dental instruments this darling girl had an amazing first visit to the Dentist. Not only that but she managed to charm the fantastic office staff who let her "help" for the morning as her sisters were taking their turns. We have been patients of the same dentist for 14 years. I didn't realize how long we have been with this office until I was at a soccer practice one night 2 years ago where my dentist's own daughter plays. I noticed him and stepped over to say hello as I waited for my daughter to come off the field. A team parent noticed me and as I began to introduce my dentist, then pausing, because well, I've never bumped into my doctors in my personal realm before this moment. I pondered how to introduce him. Dentist? Friend-ish person? I think I said "Dddd-fffFriend". It was certainly awkward. I think my friend wondered what was going on at first....the travel soccer world is a drama-fest, I'm sure my friend was wondering if there was some sort of competition tension between us....or some other crazy drama laden idea. 

My friend inquired how long have we known each other. I paused and said it out loud "12 years....ummm he's my dentist" I stood there cocked my head to the right and finished my thought by adding "I just realized that I've know my dentist longer than most of my friends."  So that awkward conversation was ended by the timing of my daughter and us taking the opportunity to head to the car. I still laugh when I think of that weird moment. But now the topic of soccer comes up at my dental visits as we both ramble on about what our daughters have been doing. 

Why have we been patients there so long? Because He and his staff are fantastic. My girls have been cared for by professionals who are willing to put my nervous girls at ease and still manage to get them to laugh. And because I had a great childhood dentist and that set the bar pretty high for my expectations on what a dentist should be. By chance I found this practice when we moved to the Virginia suburbs of DC. It was finally the practice I was seeking and we have been patients since 2002. I'm so happy that for our family going to the dentist is not something to be loathed. It has always been a positive experience. Just as is should be.


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