Winter Mantel 2016

The decorating process began with a picture my Father in law took outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. We usually hang this picture over our couch but currently I have a Dali poster hanging in that space. Which I  love and am perfectly happy keeping it in that spot. For my winter decorating I tend to leave the wall space over the mantel empty choosing to not hang up anything. This year I was feeling the need to go with a different look. I never seem to find the right vibe for the pieces I use on the mantel because the empty space becomes too barren. Not one to waste a great winter picture I decided to try it over the fireplace. Oh! I loved it! With that as my anchor I began to add the other items to the mantel. I chose my favorite Santa figurines and the quirky reindeer I bought from Sundance.  Eventually other things came along. Some were suggested by the others in our house as things they like to see. Some ideas were not entertained as they were quite odd. Collaborative decorating can be interesting when you have input from children ranging in age from 3-16 years. Plus add in a humorous husband and you have got some crazy suggestions. 


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