Hat for her

This month I have been busy making some Women's March hats for a friend. With all that pink yarn laying about Lady A has been requesting a special knit something in pink for her too, please. A failed cat hat experiment ended up being salvaged into a lovely two tone pink beanie hat for her.

I used two yarns held together to give the hat its mottled look. Color 1: Bernat Alpaca peony and Color 2: Vickie Howell sheepish hot pinkish. Both yarns were in my stash. 
To begin using the long tail method to cast on 42 stitches join in round.  Begin K1P1 rib for 8 rounds.
Round 9: Begin knitting Stockinette and continue until the hat is 6” long from cast on edge. (or longer if your kiddo wants a longer hat) 
Begin reducing by: 
K5 k2tog to end of round 
K4 k2tog 
And so on until the last round is a round of k2tog. Thread yarn through loops cinch closed weave in ends.
That's it. A pretty standard hat pattern that I have knit many, many times. She was so happy to wear it the next day that even though it was not quite hat wearing weather she wore it to school any way. 


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