Project Night Night

I came across this charity, Project Night Night, in an article in a parenting magazine a year or two ago. It has always been on my mind to get involved with it because it is for such a good cause. Providing a blanket, book, and stuffed animal to a homeless child. You see becoming homeless can be for any reason. Fire. Flood. Abuse. Poverty….. The list can go on. Shelters all over the country are recipients of these very needed tote bags. The bags are made for children birth to pre-teen. The website provides links to various shelters in need of the bags. Calling ahead is recommend so that you can determine if the shelter needs more bags. Sometimes they get large donations from other social groups and due to storage space many shelters can't store many at one time.

I decided I'm not going to wait any longer to get involved with this charity. I ordered the tote bags from their website. Due to the location of where we live I was confident that out of the 30 shelters available we'd fined one in need of replenishing. We opted to participate in the Adopt a Night Night program. This program accepts gently used stuffed animals (we have so many that need a good home) and new or like new books. We felt that this is a better option for us since the girls can choose which stuffed animals to give away. We've been having problems with them being unwilling to part with their hardly if ever played with stuffed animals that I thought this might be just the motivation for the girls. It's also a good lesson in sacrifice. Sharing the joy of a treasured toy is a great way to start of the new year.

Following their instructions I sought some warm lightweight fleece blankets online. We chose different colors to brighten up the bags. Then we called our friend an Usbourne Books seller about finding books to put inside the bags. We bought 5 Dr. Seuss favorites just because.

As for the stuffed animals…well as I mentioned we have plenty of lightly used stuffed animals lurking on bedroom shelves eager for a new home. Many are going to be bears but we do have a few odd ones like a lobster and dinosaur that will be great for boys. The girls had some hard decisions to make about those friends sitting on their shelves. Each needed to decide if this toy would be better on the shelf or in the arms of another child.

Packing the bags was fun.

We tagged them to make it easier for the shelter staff to decide which bag would be best for its recipient.

Then we drove them to the shelter.

Truly this was a great charity to support. I dare say it may just become a new favorite.


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