Late Winter Early Spring Mantel 2017

The transition to early spring decor has been finished. Saying farewell to all the winter decorations is bittersweet for me, a lover of winter. It's always so hard to see it go. Cheerful pinks replace my glittery silvers and the small bits of greenery find their way back in our home. While it may be warming up I still can't part with my favorite winter picture over the fireplace. I will let it be packed away by April but until then I get to dream of snowy days in the Colorado mountains. With the recent Valentine's Day excitement I have kept those pretty paper hearts I made years ago hanging along the mantel. They will come down later this week to be tucked away until next year. 

The little pieces that find their place on the mantel change depending on what I am drawn to at the moment. I love old postcards. I find them on my travels in antique and thrift shops. The ones of Paris and London I discovered 3 years ago in an Ohio antique mall. They have become my favorite finds. I secretly adore the ones that have been sent. The sentiments written are such sweet pieces of human interaction that make me smile. Sent with love to family or friends these little messages remind me about how important it is to share our experiences. 

Books are my one true weakness. I am such a lover of books (always a librarian I tell you) and adore old books. I carefully search for first editions of books I love. When I am lucky and find a gem, such as my A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh book, it becomes an every day part of my life. What a treat to read these beauties. I recently was sent a box of vintage books from my father. These books belonged to my step-mother who passed away not long ago. A kind woman who loved music and reading her books. Her childhood books were in need of a good home. When my father asked if I wanted any of her books without hesitation I accepted them. And here they are being loved again. Some I have read and others are quite new to me. What I love is the binding of the books. Colors and textures that we no longer see in modern made books. 


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