Lenten Sacrifice Jar Challenge

Preparations for Lent have been underway here for a few weeks now. Like many I ponder about what I want from this season. Do I want to focus on sacrifice or spiritual improvement? In my journey to develop a plan for my own personal enrichment I also look for what the children in my life can do. Each year I look to challenge my catechism students to make Lent a meaningful season.  I typically have them fill out a calendar where they color the days based on the activities they have done. For example use yellow to indicate they helped someone, purple if they went to church, pink if they read the Bible... 

This year I was searching for something in addition to the calendar. Partly because I am looking for ways to fulfill the three pillars of Lent at home with my own children ranging in age from 3-16. Getting my own girls involved takes more thinking due to the span of ages.  In my research I was inspired by many people; Priests, friends, fellow mothers, and my children. I concluded that this extra something needed to be optional but also could inspire the other family members at home, even the adults. I came up with my Class Lenten Sacrifice jar challenge. 

Inside are cards with a challenge to complete. Some are easy such as reading the Bible or another faith based book. Others will require family involvement such as help pack meals at a local meal packing event. And others will really be hard for the children (and adults who are inspired) to do such as showing kindness and humility to everyone even people who are rude or mean to us. 

This afternoon I will be introducing my class to the jar and I'm looking forward to seeing how my class reacts to this challenge. 


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