The teen's hat

Now that I am in between baby gift projects I'm trying to catch up on this eyelet cable hat for the 16 year old daughter. It's called the Hermoine's eyelet and cable Hat. I made her one in the same yarn a few years ago but she has out grown it. She still wears it as it is her favorite hat but I know it is a bit too snug. She has been waiting several months for me to get going on the new hat, even so much as leaving me notes about the specific yarn color. She asked me over the summer to make a new one. I had the yarn set aside but you know how it goes in a busy house. Other things consume our days and those want to do projects end up getting lost in the shuffle. I have decided to make this a priority because I know the last cold days of winter are few. I'd like to get this one done in time for her to wear at least once. So far I'm making a decent effort and hope to have it done by the end of the week. 


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