A Hat and a Cowl

My model/daughter showing the two things that have become labeled done. First the cowl that was never gifted. This cowl was knit with the intent of it being gifted to the director of the preschool. In the fall she was swooning over a raffle item, a cowl in this exact yarn and color. I did my best to replicate the pattern based on my photos and mental notes after scrutinizing it. Turns out the director ended being gifted that very cowl and the one I made for her for Christmas has yet to find a home. I wanted to photograph it on a person as that tends to showcase it better than displaying it on a table. 

The other knit is what I had been calling the Hermione hat but I now realize that there is another hat by this name that has been a hot knitted item. Officially this hat pattern is called: Hermione's cable and eyelet hat. This is the second one in the same Mini Mochi yarn I have knit for my daughter. When she requested another hat in a larger size I knew I needed to get started. I hoped to have it done in time for Christmas. That didn't happen but still she was so happy to have it. In fact she was so eager to wear this hat I tell you that she hardly let me sew in the ends before running off with it. Thankfully the weather here has been cold enough to allow her to get some use of it before being tucked away for next winter. I have to say that this pattern is really one of my favorites. An easy cable knit this is a lovely and elegant hat for a teenage girl, or the teenage girl in all of us. 


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