Fox in Socks

One of the most favorite days of school is the one where the students are able to dress up as a story book character. My girls always want to be princess something or other. I was very surprised to hear the various suggestions Lady A had for her costume ideas. We were planning on one thing when she requested to dress as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. My heart sank a little. So it was going to be a princess again this year. In the end I decided that was likely going to be the easiest option.

And then......

We could not find the beloved most perfect Belle yellow ball gown. The costume that we have had for 7 years the same one that her big sister wore nearly every day. It was lurking some where who knows where in the basement playroom mess. I went looking the night before. No luck. Not in the costume trunk, not in the toy bins, not under the couch, in the closet, behind the blanket chest.....not a trace of that dress.

Since we didn't plan on having to go to plan C we were nearing panic mode. I asked her if she'd like to choose one the many other princess dresses. Nope. Could't convince her to wear any other gown. Then it hit me that night as I read bedtime stories. Lately we have been reading Fox in Socks.

And that's what she agreed to be. So glad we didn't find that dress because this costume was just the cutest. It just so happened that Lady L had the fox ears and tail so this was the perfect fit for our Fox in Socks loving girl.


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