A little shrug

The process for this little project has not been going as fast as I expected. It's an easy project one that I tend to make when gifting to new babies. I was supposed to have this all done last week and have cast on for another one by this point in time. I'm a bit anxious as I do have several baby gifts to send off. For some reason I kept missing my stitch counts. Then that put my raglan increases to a tizzy and that's how you get a lopsided knit. 

It's funny, definitely ha ha funny, that after all these years knitting I still get myself into some silly mistakes. I've been so distracted it's no wonder this project had to be pulled out 3 times until I just gave up on adding my own pizzaz and just followed the pattern. My creative thinking brain goes on vacation during this time of the school year. So many activities going on I hardly know which way is up. I'm driving people here and there and every where. All that time I thought would be great in the car waiting on the kids knitting just hasn't been there for me. Back to back everything is the name of the game. Most days I can't even touch yarn let alone have 10 minutes to work a row. 

So here I am starting back over making this project happen. It will be done and sent on its way soon. Right now I'm sticking to later in the night knitting so I can use my brain all by myself. There comes a point in your motherhood where you almost feel like you have to hide from the kids so that you can just think for yourself to let your mind rest. I realized that this knitting is what I need to release all that tension from daily life. My outlet to release that stress is by making something beautiful. I haven't been very good about getting that knitting time in every day but it's time that I do. 


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