Mother's Day sailing

Normally I'd be in the Mother's day picture but this year is a little different. We spent the afternoon in Annapolis, Maryland and took a sailing cruise. We had such a great time. I awkwardly snapped this picture as I held the limp with sleep three year old in my arms. Not long into the trip she fell dead asleep. The soothing motion of the ship must have been too much for her tired little toddler body. I didn't take many pictures during our trip because I was just enjoying the moment. I had my sweet family with me and I loved every minute of watching them enjoy the cruise. I had my littlest child snuggled up in my arms the way she used to do when she was so much smaller. That was a little bit of heaven right there. 

I've been a mother for nearly 17 years. So much growth has gone on during that time. My children have grown faster than I could have imagined. I swear that high school junior was just in my arms clinging to my neck with chubby toddler hands curled in my hair. And now! Now she's finishing up her junior year in high school looking to the future of being a teacher for hearing impaired children. So fast this parenting of children goes. The growth that has happened to me is certainly remarkable. I have learned the depths of patience and the vastness of motherly giving. I can't imagine doing this parenting with anyone else but that phenomenal man. Give and go, up and down, having a great partner makes the journey so much better. Happy Mother's Day to you! 


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