Cherry picking 2020

It's that time of year again when we begin picking at the 'ol suburban farm. We get about a week of picking. It begins gradually but then suddenly we have to pick many buckets to keep up with the ripening cherries.

Years ago we planted a Montmorency cherry tree. This is the type of cherry that makes the best tasting cherry pies. Many people refer to this tree as a sour cherry tree, and that sums up the flavor of these cherries. SOUR.

Organically grown means lots of netting to work around and fighting off the hungry angry birds. We enlisted the children to help but you know how that goes. At least they had fun helping for those 5 minutes. 

This little tree of ours has been a valued asset in our cherry pie loving desires. We have been able to harvest 25+ quarts each year which translates in to 25+ pies. After washing, sorting, pitting by hand each cherry, we pack them into quart sized freezer bags. They spend the year in our deep freezer until it is time to make a pie.

Now that the tree is fully mature we are getting plenty of fruit to maintain our cherry pie demand. Although the Mister will tell you that 25+ quarts is not enough. He is by far the biggest pie fanatic I know. In his dream world there would be cherry pie every week of the year. While I find that to be excessive he has little room to complain as there tends to be plenty of pies gracing our table year round. 


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