Inspiration from 1880

While visiting family in the area of Ohio where I was raised I often find myself returning time after time to the historical farm park. An 1880's working historical farm has been a constant interest to me and many kids for years. A step back in time to see what a day on a farm was like for these early settlers to our valley. 

Not often is the home open to visitors so when we time our visit to open house days I get pretty excited. I like to peek in to the kitchen and try to picture myself there back in 1880. Would my 20th century expectations be able to function in an 19th century home? Seeing these little jars lined up on the shelves still delights me. 

Some things left on the windowsill being set aside makes it feel like you are popping in for a visit. 

If any thing the lack of modern clutter certainly appeals to me. I do take note. Questions: Does modern life cause clutter? Are we too full of free time to allow things to fill our homes? Something to ponder indeed. 


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