Annual back to school BBQ

Every year we celebrate the end of summer by having a weenie roast the night before the new school year begins. A tradition passed down from the Mister's side of the family. Our first roasts were not as enjoyable. We were new to this tradition and needed to find our way in how we want to kick off our last day of summer.

Over the years our dear friends joined us with their son to enjoy the fun. While they can't join us any more (boo they moved out of state) they are with us in heart every year.

We still look to the grill-dude to get our food going. Hotdogs are the main feature but we always have salads and chips to eat. On good years we remember to bring hotdog chili!

After years of working out the details our weenie roast is an event. We still dabble in fishing on the lake. This year we brought kayaks to paddle around on in the lake. The big gals really liked this and offered to take their little sisters for a spin too. The same sweet smiles are here every year. Princess dolls, card games, soccer balls, and binoculars come along to keep us entertained.

We won't ever forget to make s'mores. That's a necessity.

And sometimes I find a bouquet of four-leaf clovers. 


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