Gramps part 1

So this project ended up not being what I expected. I chose to knit the Gramps sweater by TinCan Knits. I selected Madeline Tosh Vintage in Sequoia for the main color and Filigree as the contrast color. So far the combination looks great. I estimate the sweater will require two skeins of sequoia. It was supposed to be the boy sweater for boy twin but...I failed to pay attention to my gauge. I used needles too large this time and that was a mistake. 

Gauge Smage!

My gauge is off! Bah!

I knew better because Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn is a lot bigger than it claims to be when it comes to sweater projects. Now that this is most certainly not baby sized this "gift" is now going to be set aside while I work on a replacement gift for the baby it was intended to be given. I took measurements and this is looking to be more in the 6-7 year old size cardigan. This fit my 7 year old perfectly so I'll continue using her as my model while finishing this sweater. In the meantime it will take a break in the knitting basket. 


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