I'm so.......stylish?

I am so glad that scarf weather is nearly here. For the second time this week I have spilled a sandwich down the front of my shirt, and it's only Tuesday. Clearly I cannot handle sandwich eating. I always seem to do this when I need to show up someplace and look reasonably presentable, not somewhat presentable. It's bad enough that I end up being the last mom to pick up her kid at preschool. That's the story of the fourth kid. 

While a moment of panic nearly set in, because today's sandwich incident was epic, I did see in my laziness from yesterday the scarf I abandoned after last night's soccer practice. That scarf covered in cheese chip crumbs is my key to success. The scarf is going on for the save to fool people into thinking I'm a very stylish lady rather than a very clumsy eater.


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